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ASCE Cuban Economic News Clippings Service -- Release N 622-06-11-14 -- p.


ASCE Newsclippings

This ASCE service has been established as an additional benefit exclusively for those members who provide us with their e-mail addresses. It is not available in the Webpage and it is forwarded to you via blind copy in order to preserve your privacy. And, of course, at any time you can request our stopping the service.

Every week we select news related to Cuba’s economy that usually are not carried in mainstream media and forward them to member e-mails. This will spare you the need to pursue the information in the various media by digging it out by yourself, while at the same time, as an ASCE member, you will be well informed of relevant economic trends and events in relation to the sugar crop, tourism, corruption or whatever. We limit our selections to economic, social and political events, trends and commentaries from sources such as The Economist, El Nuevo Herald, Cubaencuentro, Cubanet and other Cuban publications. ASCE does not endorse positions taken by the individual authors; they are reproduced so that readers can be informed and reach their own conclusions.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Please send them to the Editor at the e-mail address below.

Encourage your friends and colleagues interested in knowing more about what is happening in Cuba to join ASCE and enjoy the benefits of membership in our association (see It is very easy. You can get an application sent to you via e-mail right now by contacting the Editor, Joaquin Pujol, at


For information about ASCE go to

05-30-14 05 Blog Panampost, The Castros Beg to Uncle Sam: Last Ditch Effort by Cuba to Keep Regime from Falling Apart

05-30-14 06 Miriam Celaya, The Embargo and Absolute Power /

06-02-14 08 Diario de Cuba, REPRESIÓN: Disidentes denuncian 1.120 arrestos en mayo, 'una de las cifras más altas de las últimas décadas'

06-02-14 09 Diario de Cuba, DISIDENCIA: Más de 2.000 activistas participan en los primeros debates sobre la reforma de la Constitución

06-03-14 10 Cubaeconomía, Elías Amor Bravo, Más experimentos. Ahora en Isla de la Juventud

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