Eastlawn Elementary School

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Eastlawn Elementary School
Parent / Student


Principal: Daniel McInnis

Asst. Principal: Tameka Cloud

Lead Secretary: Teresa Moore

NC Wise: Tracy Woodward

Web address:


Alamance Burlington Schools

Table of Contents
General School Information page 1

Health and Wellness page 6

Transportation and Traffic Safety page 10

Parent Procedures and Involvement page 11

Student Instruction and Grading page 12

Student Code of Conduct and Behavior Expectations page 14

General School Information

Title I

Eastlawn is a school-wide Title I School that receives federal funding to support student learning, instructional excellence, parent involvement, and professional development for teachers. Parents may apply to receive support services for their student such as school tutoring or free/reduced lunch fees. To learn more information about Title I and available services please contact the School Counselor, Ms. Liberstein.

Student Enrollment/ Withdrawal

Parents enrolling their student(s) at Eastlawn should come to the office to be registered. Students must be at least five years of age to be eligible to attend school. At this time, please bring your child’s birth certificate, health assessment, immunization record, and 2 proofs of residence. Eastlawn offers a Pre-Kindergarten program for those students who qualify and applications are sent home annually. Notice of application openings are posted in the community and flyers are sent home with Eastlawn students to inform parents living in the Eastlawn district of the availability of this program. All applicants to the program are screened and will be admitted to the program based on screening results and space available.

School Hours

Students may report to class beginning at 7:35 each morning. All students are to be in their classes and prepared to begin the instructional day at 7:50 a.m. Dismissal time is 2:35 p.m. for all students.

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Bus riders arrive each morning by 7:15 and are escorted into the building.

Car riders can be dropped off after 7:20. Students will report directly to the gym or cafeteria and will be dismissed to classrooms at 7:35.
It is important in a child’s education that he/she learns to follow routines as early as possible. Being late for school disrupts the child’s routine, the routine of the class, and causes the teacher to stop instruction to cover morning routines. A parent or guardian must accompany a child who is tardy into the office to sign in. Office personnel will issue the student a tardy slip, which must be presented to the teacher upon arrival in the classroom.
Please keep in mind- if a student arrives at the front office at or after the 7:50 bell, he/she will be counted as tardy regardless of whether the line was backed up. One way to avoid being caught in the last-minute rush is to prepare to leave home a few minutes earlier each day. Bus riders and after school students will be dismissed each day at 2:35. Car riders will be dismissed at 2:40. Teachers will escort students to a specified classroom to wait to be called. During the first weeks of school, parents of car riders will be given signs with names for each student. These need to be placed in the front window of the car. When the student’s name is called, he/she will report to the assigned cone to be loaded into the car.

In the event that a child is picked up later than 3:00pm, a warning letter will be issued.

If transportation changes need to be made, parents should inform us in writing prior to 2:00 p.m. This will help us to ensure that we can avoid confusion by notifying the student prior to dismissal. Administration requests that students not be checked out after 2:00 in order to ensure a safe and efficient dismissal at 2:35. Emergency situations will override this policy.

If a student is absent, a parent/guardian is requested to call the school as soon after 7:45 a.m. as possible to report the absence. When the student returns to school, he/she must bring a written note signed by the parent/ guardian to the teacher. The note must state the student’s full name, date, reason for the absence, and current telephone number where the parent may be reached. When such parental notes are not presented within at least 3 days following the absence, the period of absence is then declared unexcused. Please note that a student must be present until 11:30 a.m. in order to be counted present for the day.

Early sign-out will be allowed until 2:00pm each day. Otherwise, parents will be required to receive their children in the car rider line.
Because our school’s success is measured by the state in terms of attendance percentage per year, no family vacations will be considered excused.

It is essential that students be in school each day, all day, in order for maximum learning to occur. Our school’s attendance committee meets regularly to monitor attendance and to communicate with parents regarding attendance concerns (late arrivals, absences, and early checkouts).

Students will be awarded perfect attendance each nine weeks. Students may accumulate no more than two excused tardies or early checkouts with no absences in order to qualify.
Tardy Students

Students who are tardy inhibit their learning and interfere with the learning of others. Parents should diligently strive to get their children to school on time. Students are late when arriving after 7:50 am. Students who arrive late to school will be marked “tardy.” The office will determine if this is excused or unexcused. Each student who is tardy should report to class with a late pass.


Breakfast is served each morning from 7:20–7:50 am. The Universal Breakfast program enables all students to receive breakfast at no charge and will be served in the cafeteria.


All students are required to eat lunch at school. Students may bring their own lunches from home or purchase food in the cafeteria. Federal guidelines omit non-nutritional items such as fast food and sodas from being served at school during this time. Students may bring their own lunch with appropriate food items or purchase lunch from the cafeteria. Parents are encouraged to pay for students’ meals in advance. Please place your student’s lunch payment in a sealed envelope clearly marked with the student’s name, lunch number, amount in envelope, and classroom teacher’s name. Following this procedure is essential in preventing lost or stolen lunch money. Prepayment for school meals may be made by the week, month, semester or the entire year. You may pay in cash or by check (made payable to Eastlawn Elementary Cafeteria). A $20.00 fee will be charged for each Insufficient Funds check written to Eastlawn Cafeteria.

Applications for free/ reduced lunch meals are sent to every student at the beginning of the school year, and are available in the office at any time during the year. Regardless of your child’s status last year, all families need to complete a new lunch application at the beginning of the school year. If you have questions regarding this matter please call the School Counselor, Ms.Liberstein.

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