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OBRA DIGITAL - ISSN 2014-503. No. X – Month, Year / Information to be completed by the journal

Book title in lower case, Roman or normal type, Verdana 14.

Book title in English in lower case, italics and bold type, in black font, Verdana 10.

(Information to be completed by the journal)

Author, name and surnames

Affiliation: Department

Short CV






Details of the book reviewed:

Carpena, A. (2006). Educació socioemocional a primària: material pràctics i de reflexió (2nd ed.). Vic: Eumo.

Abstract, Verdana 10 bold

Abstract in Spanish (or the language chosen by the author), 100 words, Roman type, Verdana 10.

Keywords, Verdana 10 bold

Keywords (5-6 words) in the language chosen by the author, separated by commas, Roman type, Verdana 10.

Abstract, Verdana 10 bold, italics

In English (translation of the above abstract), Roman type, Verdana 10.

Keywords, Verdana 10 bold, italics

Keywords (5-6 words) in English, separated by commas, Roman type, Verdana 10.


Text in Verdana 11. When you start to write the introduction, bear in mind:


The text should be no more than 2,000 words long.


The sections and sub-sections will be numbered, in normal or Roman type, with no indentation.

The section heading will be in bold, upper case.






All direct citations must be accompanied by their corresponding bibliographic reference at the end of the article.

Insert citations between double quotation marks (" "). Use single quotation marks (' ') within double quotation marks when necessary.

When a passage is left out of the citation, the omission should be indicated with ellipsis marks within square brackets. For example: "En un lugar de la Mancha […], no ha mucho que vivía un hidalgo".

If a comment is included within a direct citation, the comment should be put between square brackets. For example: "Convergencia mediática [media convergence, en inglés] reúne acontecimientos en un orden".

Citations that are over four lines long will be indented (the entire paragraph, not just the first line), with no quotation marks, and written in Verdana 10.

The correct way to cite a work is to use upper case for the first letter and lower case for the following letters (Jenkins, 2008).

When another author is cited verbatim, the citation should be put in inverted commas, and the number of the page from which the citation is taken should be included.

When a text has been cited by another author and we have not obtained the original work, the citation should contain the expression “cited by”.


Some works are not reviewed (Greenberg and Fisher, 1996, p. 267 cited by Sollod, Wilson and Monte, 2009).

Note: avoid excessive use of footnotes.


At the end of the article, include a list of all the cited references.

These will be presented in alphabetic order by author or editor. Different works by the same author should be listed in descending chronological order. References must be presented according to the sixth edition of the APA style guide (

Guía en Español para elaborar citas bibliográficas en formato APA: Basada en la 6.ª edición del Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association:

Below are examples for PRINTED material:


1 author

Carpena, A. (2006). Educació socioemocional a primària: material pràctics i de reflexió (2nd ed.). Vic: Eumo.

2 to 7 authors

Collet, J., and Tort, A. (Coords.) (2011). Famílies, escola i èxit: millorar els vincles per millorar els resultats. Barcelona: Fundación Jaume Bofill.

When the authors are coordinators or literary editors, this will be indicated with the corresponding abbreviation in brackets.


Collet, J., and Tort, A. (Coords.) (2011). Famílies, escola i èxit: millorar els vincles per millorar els resultats. Barcelona: Fundación Jaume Bofill.


Contreras, R. S. (2010). El procés de la producció gràfica. In H. Navarro (Ed.). Disseny gràfic i disseny web: breus lliçons sobre història, teoria i pràctica (pp. 131-160). Vic: Eumo.

Book chapters:

Molero, F., and Cuadrado, I. (2008). Atracción interpersonal: el papel de la semejanza de las características psicológicas en la satisfacción y la duración de las relaciones de pareja. In J. F. Morales, C. Huici, E. Gaviria, and A. Gómez. (Coords.), Método, teoría e investigación en psicología social (p. 365-375). Madrid: Pearson Educación.

Papers in journals:

Elosua, P. (2010). Valores subjetivos de las dimensiones de calidad de vida en adultos mayores. Revista española de geriatría y gerontología, 45(2), 61-71.

Articles in newspapers/periodicals:

Faus, J. (2013, July 24). La caiguda de l’economia s’atenua. Diario Ara, p. 13.

Theses, master’s degree projects, bachelor’s degree projects:

Rubin, C. (1960). Les accords de Paris du 23 octobre de 1954 (Unpublished doctoral thesis). Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Conference papers:

Armangué, J., and Carbonell, J. (2001). La llengua catalana a Sardenya. In Jornades de la Secció Filològica de l’Institut d’Estudis Catalana a l’Alguer: 2 and 3 June 2000 (pp. 15-26). Barcelona: Instituto de Estudios Catalanes.

Note: the first letters of the conference name must be in upper case.

Below are some examples for DIGITAL material:

Electronic books:

Ingersoll, E. (1885). The crest of the continent: a summer's ramble in the Rocky Mountains and beyond. Retrieved on 25 June 2013, from http://www. 43020

Note: book with an URL.

Schiraldi, G.R. (2001). The post-traumatic stress disorder sourcebook: a guide to healing, recovery, and growth. doi:10.1036/10071393722

Note: book with a DOI.

Papers in journals:

Larrauri, A., Savulescu, C., Jiménez-Jorge, S., Pérez-Breña, P., Pozo, F., Casas, I., Ledesma, J., de Mateo, S. (2011). Influenza pandemic (H1N1) 2009 activity during summer 2009. Effectiveness of the 2008-9 trivalent vaccine against pandemic influenza in Spain. Gaceta Sanitaria, 25(1), 23-28. doi:10.1016/j.gaceta.2010.06.010

Note: paper with a DOI.

Fernández, M. (2000). De las linotipias a la comunicación digital: los restos del nuevo periodismo local. Historia y comunicación social, 5, 203-220. Retrieved on 23 July 2013, from

Note: paper with an URL.

Theses, master’s degree projects, bachelor’s degree projects:

Elduque, A. (2014). Del hambre al vómito: imágenes del consumo en el cine moderno. (Doctoral thesis). Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Catalonia. Retrieved from

Note: the date will not be included if the document will not be modified and has a permanent address.

Web pages

Basagaña, L. (2014). El meu clàssic: Maria Barbal explora la prosa de Mercè Rodoreda. Retrieved on 15 July 2014, from merce-rodoreda/

Note: the retrieval date shall be included if the document will be modified and has an address that may change. Web page with an author.

El cacao y los derechos de los pueblos indígenas. (n.d.). Retrieved on 10 July 2014, from

Note: web page with no author.


Pàmies, J. (2014, March 24). Bombillas sin obsolescencia programada y reparables. [Blog post]. Retrieved from sin-absolescencia-programada-y-reparables/

Note: if the reference ends with an URL address, do not use a full stop.

Images, Graphics, Drawings, Photographs and Figures:

All images, drawings, photographs, etc. must have a description below them. The description should contain relevant information that helps to understand the content. It should be linked to the text in the article, and must be clear and concise, with no distracting details. Figures should be numbered consecutively within the article. If a different author’s figure or image is copied, permission must be obtained from the copyright owner. If a photograph shows people, permission to use the image must be obtained, especially if the people are minors.


Authors must indicate that their manuscript meets all the criteria listed below:

- The contribution is original, unpublished and is not being considered for publication in another journal. If this is not the case, explain why in the "Comments for the editor."

- The review is submitted is in the requested format.

- The URL of the references have been checked as far as possible.

- The text is single spaced, using the indicated font (Verdana); italics is used instead of underlining (except in URL addresses); and figures and tables are within the text, rather than at the end of the document as attached data.

- The text meets the bibliographic and style requirements indicated in the “Instructions to authors”.

- To ensure that a blind peer review protocol is implemented for submitted articles, authors must send them without any identification.

If any of the above criteria are not met, the article will be rejected.


Catálogo: public -> journals
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journals -> Revista salutem scientia spiritus
journals -> Título del libro en minúscula y redonda o normal, Verdana 14

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