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Kennedy Middle School Parent/Student

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Kennedy Middle School Parent/Student


La escuela mandará esta información en español el primer día de clases.(páginas 21-23)

The purpose of this agreement/compact is to encourage the development of responsibility and respect in the students of Kennedy Middle School, which will help each one become a life-long learner and a productive citizen of the community:


  1. acknowledges the right of parents to participate in decisions affecting their children, and agrees to:

a. provide periodic reports on student progress,

b. consult with parents concerning any marked changes in student performance or behavior,

c. respond promptly to parent phone calls and requests for conferences; and

d. affirms its obligation to provide a quality educational opportunity for each child by:

  • considering and responding to individual needs of children and their families,

  • providing strong curriculum, preparing children for the future,

  • providing competent personnel who demonstrate a caring attitude toward children,

  • maintaining a safe and secure school facility, and an atmosphere conducive to quality education; and

  1. agrees to welcome parents as full partners in the educational process by:

  1. providing opportunities for parents to assist in making important decisions regarding school policy within the parameters of Board policy.

b. encouraging parent visitation and participation in school activities,

c. providing numerous and varied opportunities for parents to volunteer.


  1. that supervision of a child is the joint responsibility of the school and the parents, and will:

  1. supervise and assist in the completion of homework, providing suitable place and schedule for its completion,

b. support and reinforce the school’s conduct and dress code with their children,

c. support regular attendance, and promptly observe opening and closing times of the instructional day (minimum 95% attendance rate required, including tardies) ; and

  1. to communicate promptly and professionally with the school, beginning with the classroom teacher,

  1. regarding concerns about student performance, instruction, and other issues,

  2. informing the school of matters that may affect the student’s performance or behavior at school; and

  1. to participate in the on-going life of the school community by:

  1. as possible, attending school events, including but not limited to:

School Performances School Functions ELAC

Back-to-School Night PTA Functions Cafecitos

Parent/Teacher Conferences Open House

  1. providing volunteer service to the school each year, in as many of the

following opportunities as possible, but not limited to:
Chaperones Library Service/Book Fairs

Classroom Help Picture Day

Family Events PTA

Fund Raising 8th Grade Promotion Functions


  1. recognize that they, and only they, have the ultimate responsibility for their learning, and that they will:

a. attend school regularly, and promptly observe opening and closing times of the instructional day,

  1. diligently pursue their studies at school and at home,

  2. complete all work to the best of their ability; and

  1. maintain a high level of conduct at all times, and

a. demonstrate of high level of respect towards school employees, other adults on campus, and fellow students,

  1. demonstrate respect for school property and the property of others,

c follow school rules,

  1. demonstrate respect for their parents and their community,

  2. abide by District conduct and school dress code; and

  1. make a positive contribution to the school and community by:

  1. setting a model for others to follow as outlined in the District conduct

  2. contribute to the service of the school or mutually agreed public services, extra curricular activities, and community involvement, such as, but not limited to the following example opportunities:

School Beautification Recycling

Community Service School Activities

Fund Raisers

Music and Dance Programs Set-up/Take-down Event

Parents and students may withdraw from this agreement/compact for good reason at any time, and arrange for attendance in an alternative Redwood City District program, or at a cooperating adjoining district.


Your signatures below indicates your agreement with the Kennedy Student-Parent Compact.

Please return to main office in marked box by grade level or to the period 1 teacher by September 3.

_____________________________________________ _______________________

Print student first and last name Grade
______________________________________________ _______________________

Student Signature Date

______________________________________________ _______________________

Parent Signature Date

Kennedy Middle School Athletic Contract

Code of Ethics

As a member of an athletic team, you are held to a higher standard and are responsible for all general school rules in addition to the rules listed below. These are additional guidelines and rules you must follow in order to participate and represent in the athletic realm.
Social Skills/Work Habits:

  • Student must work to meet academic expectations (discretion of the school/teacher).

  • Any “failing” mark on a report card/progress report may result in suspension/removal from team. (No F’s in major areas on report card or progress report)


  • Attendance at all practices is required.

  • Absences from any practice need to be verified by a note from a parent or proper authority (i.e.-doctor, etc.).


  • Good sportsmanship at all games (home and away) is mandatory.

  • Good team attitude is required.

  • Profanity is prohibited.

  • Sexual harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.

  • The dress code shall be maintained for games and practices.

  • Five (5) accountability checks, two (2) office referrals, or any combination of the two during one (1) season may result in dismissal from the team (discretion of the school).

  • Any suspension may result in dismissal from the team for the remainder of the season.


  • All issued uniforms shall be returned or replaced by the student at the end of the season (1 week maximum)

Please sign the contract and return to your coach:

I, ________________________________________, will follow the Kennedy Middle School Cougar Athletic Contract Code of Ethics as I participate in any athletic team during the 2013-14 school year.”

______________________________________________ _______________________

Student Signature Date

______________________________________________ _______________________

Parent Signature Date

______________________________________________ _______________________

Teacher/coach Signature Date

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