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Right to work and to just and favourable conditions of work

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6. Right to work and to just and favourable conditions of work

66. Some 51 submissions indicated that, in accordance with the ILO conventions it has ratified and its own Labour Code, Cuba guarantees the right to work and to just conditions of work, including the right to social security and an adequate standard of living for workers and their families.121

67. Six organizations stated that Cuba guarantees work for the majority of the population.122 The Club de Amigos de Cuba de Leogane (Leogane Club of Friends of Cuba) (CACL) reported that Cuba has prioritized job creation in areas where the greatest work shortages exist.123 Four organizations expressed the view that low unemployment rates in Cuba reflect the broad scope of State policy in this area.124

68. All-China Women’s Federation (ACWF) added that the employment rate of women had increased significantly and that the female unemployment rate was only 2.0 per cent.125

69. The Cuban Association of the United Nations (ACNU) stated that the principle of equal pay for work of equal value applies, without distinction, to both men and women. It added that, upon completing their studies, young people are placed in jobs corresponding to their qualifications.126

70. At least six organizations referred to a new special social security regime for self-employed workers which helps to increase the supply of goods and services and, in turn, creates employment opportunities.127

71. HOLA noted that the right to join unions is guaranteed and all unions organize their activities with independence.128

72. AI indicated that trade unions and bar associations independent from those affiliated to the Cuban Communist Party are not permitted to operate legally, and their members are subject to repressive measures.129

73. Around 19 Cuban trade unions in different sectors of the economy submitted information concerning, inter alia, freedom of association, the functional independence of unions and their participation in decision-making, social security benefits, exchanges with other countries, and access to new technologies in their respective fields of work.130

7. Right to social security and to an adequate standard of living

74. Around eight reports noted that Cuba is committed to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals by 2015 and has already done so in numerous fields.131 A further 15 reports added that the country has a high ranking on the Human Development Index.132

75. At least 19 organizations noted that all people in Cuba have equal access to quality basic services like social assistance and security.133

76. SLNCSC highlighted that in 2012, Cuba spent 52 per cent of its budget for education, health and other social needs such as subsidizing low-income persons and protecting persons with disabilities.134

77. Around four organizations noted that efforts had been made to guarantee the right to housing.135 Some organizations reported that an amendment to the General Housing Act had helped to meet the demand for housing through the transfer, purchase, sale and lease of property.136

78. At least seven organizations said that there had been an increase in the number of hectares of land handed over for public use.137 ACNU138 and the Asociación de Solidaridad y Cooperación para el Desarrollo (Association for Solidarity and Cooperation for Development) (ASCD)139 spoke of the positive impact that this measure has had on food production and, according to ASCD, on job creation.

79. Around 55 organizations stated that Cuba guarantees everyone the right to food and food security. The latter is treated as an issue of national security.140 Some 42 organizations mentioned the negative impact of the economic blockade in this regard.141 More than 195 organizations reported that the blockade undermines the country’s economic and social development142 and constitutes a barrier to the enjoyment of human rights, fundamental freedoms and the right to self-determination.143

80. Approximately 39 organizations noted that, despite the blockade, Cuba has continued to place a priority on achieving the highest standards of life for its people.144 Humanistic Solidarity Association (HSA) added that Cuba has continued to progress in activities such as arts and sports, care for the elderly and persons with disabilities, and other social interaction necessary for the development of a fair society.145

8. Rights to health

81. More than 121 organizations noted that Cuba continues to ensure universal access, free of charge, to public health care.146

82. At least 30 organizations stated that life expectancy is around 78 years.147

83. Around 11 organizations referred to the negative impact of the blockade on the public health system.148 The Consejo Nacional de Sociedades Científicas de la Salud (National Council of Health Science Associations) (CNSCS) said that the blockade hampers the entry of a range of medicines and medical equipment.149

84. More than 19 reports stated, however, that the health sector has technology, equipment and scientific expertise at its disposal and benefits from the professionalism of its doctors.150

85. At least five reports added that the right to health is guaranteed, without discrimination, and that progress has been made with regard to vaccinations.151

86. SPC noted achievements in fighting and preventing HIV and AIDS.152

87. Some eight submissions drew attention to the promotion of sexual and reproductive health and family planning services.153

88. More than 61 reports stated that the maternal mortality rate was around 40 per 100,000 live births in 2011.154

89. Around 127 organizations pointed out that Cuba had an infant mortality rate of 4.9 per 1,000 live births in 2011.155

90. At least nine organizations reported that infant malnutrition has been eradicated.156

91. CENINFEC, noting that the State continues to treat health statistics as “classified information”, recommended that Cuba reconsider this classification with a view to ensuring that these statistics were made available to the public rather than being the object of an unnecessary national security rating.157

9. Right to education

92. More than 57 organizations noted that the education system has a high quality and is universal and free at all levels.158 According to the Colegio de Profesores de Chile (Teachers Association Chile) (CPC), Cuba invests around 13 per cent of its gross domestic product in education.159

93. Around 99 organizations drew attention to the country’s strong education indicators.160 Some reported, for example, that 100 per cent of girls and boys are enrolled in school;161 that the average level of education attained is ninth grade;162 that over 60 per cent of Cubans between the ages of 18 and 24 pursue higher education;163 and that the illiteracy rate is 0 per cent.164

94. At least seven organizations indicated that a ratio of 1 teacher to 20 children or fewer has been attained in primary-level education, allowing for individual, specialized and comprehensive attention. They said that all schools are equipped with technological media, such as televisions, video players and computers, along with educational software.165 Others also stated that the large-scale art education system illustrated the comprehensive nature of the educational process.166

95. JS7 recommended that parents be allowed to choose the kind of education to be given to their children.167

96. As indicated by more than 62 contributions, Cuba also continues to train several foreign students, free of charge, notably in medicine.168

10. Cultural rights

97. More than 33 contributions noted that culture is being promoted in the country as a grass roots phenomenon, promoting equality and opportunities for the development of the potential of every citizen, with no distinctions.169 Jose Martí Cultural Association Swedish Branch (JMCA-SB) pointed out that total freedom of artistic expression is guaranteed.170

98. Some seven organizations said that the country’s cultural policy has been designed to provide everyone with the opportunity to participate in cultural processes and to actively engage authors and artists in the preparation and implementation of this policy.171

11. Persons with disabilities

99. The Organización de Pioneros Jose Martí (José Martí Pioneers Organization) (OPJM) indicated that there was a special education subsystem in place to meet the educational needs of children and adolescents with physical or mental disabilities or behavioural problems.172 CACL reported that children with limited motor functions are home-taught by teachers who go from house to house. It added that there are special classrooms in hospitals.173

100. ACNU drew attention to a programme designed to guarantee access to employment, upon request, for all persons with disabilities who are able and willing to work.174

101. The Asociación Nacional de Sordos de Cuba (National Association of Deaf Persons of Cuba) (ANSOC) stressed that persons who are hard of hearing, or who have any other disability, benefit from supportive policies in the areas of health, employment, education, culture and sport.175

12. Right to development and environmental issues

102. ACNU drew attention to the efforts made to uphold the right to a healthy environment by working towards the goal of energy efficiency and making progress in introducing renewable energy sources. It noted that these efforts which have laid the groundwork for achieving sustainable and climate-friendly development.176

103. The Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País (Economic Association of Friends of Cuba) (SEAP) indicated that the right to a healthy environment has also been one of the Government’s priorities over this three-year period. It added that preparations for the national environment strategy 2010–2015, which is currently being implemented, began in 2009.177

104. The Greek Committee for International Democratic Solidarity (EEDDA) stated that, according to an academic study on the right to a clean environment, Cuba ranked ninth in the world in 2010.178

105. Around nine organizations noted that Cuba sets an example for the management of natural disasters.179 More than 48 submissions referred to the international cooperation efforts of the Henry Reeve Contingent which specializes in responding to disasters and serious epidemics.180


* * The present document was not edited before being sent to United Nations translation services.

1  The stakeholders listed below have contributed information for this summary; the full texts of all original submissions are available at: www.ohchr.org.

Civil society

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EEDDA Comité Griego De Solidaridad Democrática Internacional, Grecia;

EEDYE Greek Committee For International Detente And (EEDYE) Peace, Greece;

EGITIM-SEN Trade Union Of Education And Science Workers, Turkey;


EUSKADI-CUBA Asociación Euskadi-Cuba, Spain;

EZFEIAC Emiliana Zapata Fundación De Estudios E Investigacion, México;

FANJ Fundación Antonio Núñez Jiménez De La Naturaleza Y El Hombre, Cuba;

FAPCI Fundación De Ayuda Y Promoción De Las Culturas Indígenas, España;

FASC Friendship Association Suriname-Cuba, Suriname;

FBTU Federation Of Belarus Trade Union, Belarus;

FCAM Friends Of Cuba Association Of Malaysia, Malaysia;

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FENAFAR Federación Nacional De Los Farmacéuticos, Brazil;

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FESPAD Fundación De Estudios Para La Aplicación Del Derecho, El Salvador;

FEU Federación Estudiantil Universitaria, Cuba;

FG Fundación Guayasamin, Ecuador;

FGT Fundación Guillermo Toriello, Guatemala;

FGU Ukrainian Association Of Women “For The Genofond Of Ukraine, Ukraine;

FGW Federation Of Greek Women (ΟΓΕ), Grecia;

FJM Fundación Joao Mangabeira, Brasil;

FMC Federación De Mujeres Cubanas, Cuba;

FNCL Fundación Del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano, Cuba;

FNT Frente Nacional De Los Trabajadores, Nicaragua;

FOC Friends Of Cuba, Jamaica;

FOIC Fundación Obrera De Investigación Y Cultura, España;

FPTL Frente Popular Tierra Y Libertad, México;

FRENADESO Frente Nacional Por La Defensa De Los Derechos Económicos y Sociales, Panamá;

FRG78 Federation Of Revolutionary Generation ‘78, Turkey;

FSM-EC Federación Sindical Mundial, Colombia;

FSPJ Fundación Servicio Paz Y Justicia, Argentina;

FU First Union, New Zealand;

FUCVAM Federación Uruguaya De Cooperativas De Vivienda Por Ayuda Mutua, Uruguay;

GAMBCFA Gambia-Cuba Friendship Association, Gambia;

GAWU Guyana Agricultural And General Workers Union, Guyana;

GCFA Guyana-Cuba Friendship Association, Guyana;

GCFSA Greek-Cuban Friendship And Solidarity Association, Greece;

GIEACPC Global Initiative To End All Corporal Punishment Of Children, United Kingdom;

GNRD Global Network For Rights And Development, Switzerland;

GT Grupa Tacuba, Cuba;

GTAWU Grenada Technical And Allied Workers Union, Grenada;

HOLA House Of Latin America, Iran;

HRW Human Rights Watch;

HSA Humanistic Solidarity Association, Cuba;

ICFA Indonesia Cuba Frienship Association, Indonesia;

ICS Iniciativa Cuba Socialista, Belgica;

IECLC Iglesia Evangélica De Confesión Luterana, Cuba;

ILF Israel Lovell Foundation, Barbados;

IMAUDC International Movement For The Affirmation Of Universal Day Of Culture, Russia;

IMC Iglesia Morava En Cuba, Cuba;

INCIDE Iniciativa Civil Para la Democracia, Guatemala;

INVISSIN Institute for Foreign Policy Research and Initiatives, Russia;

IPCM Institute For Peace And Conflict Management, Zimbabwe;

IPL5 Nucleo Intelectuales Por Los 5, Perú;

IPNC Indigenous Peoples And Nations Coalition, Suisse;

IRACY Institución Religiosa Asociación Cultural Yoruba De Cuba, Cuba;

JCFA Jamaica Cuba Friendship Association, Jamaica;

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Rosa Parks And La Coalicion Central Opositora, Cuba;

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JUST International Movement For A Just World, Malaysia;

JV Justicia Y Vida;

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LAASP Liga Angola De Amistad, Angola;

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LYU Lao Youth Union, Laos;

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MITA Movimiento Indio Tupaj Amaru, Suisse;

MITSO International University “Mitso”, Belarus;

MJP Movimiento De La Juventud Popular Revolucionaria, Panamá;

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MPA Movimiento Do Pequeños Agricultores, Brasil;

MPSC Movimiento Paulista De Solidaridad A Cuba, Cuba;

MSM Movimiento Salvadoreño De Mujeres, El Salvador;

MSV Venceremos-Rusia, Rusia;

MUGARIKGABE Mugarik Gabe, España;

MUNZ Maritime Union of New Zealand, New Zealand;

NCFA Namibia-Cuba Friendship Association, Namibia;

NHKM Ankara Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center, Turkey;

NWU National Workers Union, Trinidad and Tobago;

NYO Nigeria Youth Organisation, Nigeria;

OAFUC Public Organisation Association For Friendship “Ukraine-Cuba, Ukraine;

OAR Grupo De Reflexión Y Solidaridad Oscar Arnulfo Romero, Cuba;

OCDH Observatorio Cubano De Derechos Humanos, España;

OCLAE Organización Continental Latinoamericana Y Caribeña De Estudiantes, Cuba;

OCRCRC Organización de Cubanos Residentes en Chile Raíces Cubanas;

ODDH Observadores Y Defensores De Derechos Humanos, Chile;

ÖKG Österreichisch-Kubanische Gesellschaft, Austria;

ONLUS Organización Sin Ánimo De Lucro De Utilidad Social, Italy;

OPJM Organización De Pioneros José Martí, Cuba;

OSPAAAL Organizacion De Solidaridad De Los Pueblos De Africa, Asia Y America Latina, Cuba;

PA Peace Association, Turkey;

PAM Pan African Movement, Uganda;

PCC Porto Com Cuba, Portugal;

PCSCP Plataforma Canaria De Solidaridad Con Los Pueblos, España;

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Cubanas, Mongolia;

PHG Public Humanitarian Gymnasium, Ukraine;

PIT-CNT Plenario Intersindical De Trabajadores - Convención Nacional De

Trabajadores Uruguay;

PIT-CNT-SG PIT-CNT -Secretaría Género,Equidad Y Diversidad, Uruguay;

PJA Progressive Journalists Association, Turkey;

PJR Pastoral De La Juventud Rural , Brazil;

PMRSSO Public Movement “Russian Scientists Of Socialistic Orientation”, Russia;

POVCC Public Organization Of Veterans Of Caribbean Crises Of 1962, Russia;

PPS Proyectos Populares Sociales, México;

PPV Plataforma De Periodistas De Venezuela;

ProVene Fundación Probono Venezuela, Venezuela;

RATB Rock Around The Blockade, United Kingdom;

RCFA Romanian-Cuban Friendship Association Branch of Dambovita, Romania;

RCFRFCP Russian Committee of Fight For Release Of Fifth Cuba Patriots, Russia;

RICC Reseau International Pour La Defense Des Cinq, Répubique Démocratique du Congo;

RSF Reporters Sans Frontières, France;

RSFC Russian Society of Friendship With Cuba, Russia;

RT Red Television, Russia;

RUFC Russian Union of Friendship With Cuba, Russia;

SAAB State Art Academy of Belarus, Belarus;

SAL Solidarity Sweden-Latin America, Sweden;

SCA Swedish-Cuban Association, Sweden;

SCAP Sociedad Cubana De Anatomia Patológica, Cuba;

SCAR Sociedad Cubana De Anestesiología, Cuba;

SCC Sociedad Cubana De Cirugía, Cuba;

SCCF Sociedad Cubana De Ciencias Farmacéuticas, Cuba;

SCF Sociedad Cubana De Farmacología, Cuba;

SCGO Sociedad Cubana De Ginecología Y Obstetricia, Cuba;

SCI La Sociedad Cubana De Inmunlogía, Cuba;

SCJM Sociedad Cultural José Martí, Cuba;

SCMIE Sociedad Cubana De Medicina Intensiva Y Emergencia, Cuba;

SCOCCC Sociedad Cubana De Otorrinolaringología Y Cirugía De Cabeza Y Cuello, Cuba;

SCP Sociedad Cubana De Psiquiatría, Cuba;

SCPA Sociedad Cubana De Pediatría, Cuba;

SCPS Sociedad Cubana De Psicología De La Salud, Cuba;

SCU Sociedad Cubana De Urología, Cuba;

SEAP Sociedad Económica De Amigos Del País, Cuba;

SERPAJ Servicio, Paz Y Justicia, Panamá;

SET Seminario Evangélico De Teología De Matanzas De Cuba, Cuba;

SETD-B Sindicato De Empledos Y Trabajadores Distritales, Colombia;

SFG Socialist Forum of Ghana, Ghana;

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SINDISERVICOS Sindicato de Empleados de Empresas Limpieza, Conservación, Trabajo Temporal, el Servicio y los Servicios, Brazil;

SLNCSC Sri Lanka National Committee For Solidarity With Cuba, Sri Lanka;

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SNTAG Sindicato Nacional De Trabajadores Agropecuarios Y Forestales, Cuba;

SNTAP Sindicato Nacional Trabajadores de la Administración Pública , Cuba;

SNTAZ Sindicato Nacional De Trabajadores Azucareros, Cuba;

SNTCUL Sindicato Nacional De Trabajadores De La Cultura, Cuba;

SNTE Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores De Educación, Cuba;

SNTGA Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores De Comercio Y Gastronomía, Cuba;

SNTHT Sindicato Nacional De Trabajadores De Hotelería Y Turismo, Cuba;

SNTIE Sindicato De Trabajadores De Las Comunicaciones Y Electrónica, Cuba;

SNTIL Sindicato Nacional De Trabajadores De La Industria Ligera, Cuba;

SNTM Sindicato Nacional De Trabajadores Metalúrgicos, Cuba;

SNTQME Sindicato Nacional De Trabajadores Químico Minero Energéticos, Cuba;

SNTS Sindicato Nacional De Trabajadores De La Salud, Cuba;

SNTC Sindicato Nacional De Trabajadores De La Ciencia, Cuba;

SNTSG Sindicato Nacional De Trabajadores De Salud De Guatemala, Guatemala;

SNTT Sindicato Nacional De Trabajadores Del Tabaco, Cuba;

SNTTP Sindicato Nacional De Trabajadores Del Transporte Y Puertos, Cuba;

SNTTTAS Sindicato Nacional De Trabajadores De Transportes, Transformación,

Aviacón, Servicios Y Similares, México;

SOCECS Sociedad Cubana De Educadores En Ciencias De La Salud, Cuba;

SOCIM Sociedad Cubana De Informática Médica, Cuba;

SOCUENF Sociedad Cubana De Enfermería, Cuba;

SOCUEST Sociedad Cubana De Estomatología, Cuba;

SOCUMES Sociedad Cubana Multidiscipilinania De Estudio Sobre La Sexualidad, Cuba;

SOCUSAP Sociedad Cubana De Salud Pública, Cuba;

SOCUTRAS Sociedad Cubana De Trabajadores Sociales De La Salud, Cuba;

SODEPAZ Solidaridad Para El Desarrollo Y La Paz, España;

SPAIC Sankt Petersburg Association Of International Cooperation. Society of Cuba Friends, Russia;

SPC Swedish Peace Council, Sweden;

SPP Sindicato De Periodistas, Panamá;

SPSB Semillero De La Patria, Simón Bolívar, Cuba;

STAL Sindicato Nacional De Trabajadores De La Administración Local, Portugal;

SVGCFS St. Vincent And the Grenadines-Cuba Friendship Society ;

TCE Territorios De Cultura Para La Equidad, México;

TCSQC Table De Concertation De Solidarité Québec-Cuba, Canada;

TSC Agrupamiento De Jóvenes De Beirut, Lebanon;

TTFC Trinidad And Tobago Friends of Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago;

TÜDEF Federation Of Consumer Associations, Turkey;

TUESW Trade Union of Education and Science Workers, Izmir Branches, Turkey

UAV Union of Angola`s Veterans, Russia;

UBES União Brasileira Dos Estudantes Secundaristas, Brazil;

UEM Unión Eslovaca De Mujeres,Eslovaquia;

UGOCM Union General De Obreros Y Campesinos De México, México;

ÜKD Association Of University Councils, Turkey;

UMA Union of Mulkiye Alumni, Turkey;

UMMEP Un Mundo Mejor Es Posible, Argentina;

UMU Union De Mujeres Uruguayas, Uruguay;

UNA-CHINA United Nations Association of China, China;

UNAICC Union Nacional De Arquitectos E Ingenieros De La Construccion De Cuba, Cuba;

UNEAC La Unión De Escritores Y Artistas De Cuba, Cuba;

UNITE Unite Union, New Zealand;

UNJC Unión Nacional De Juristas De Cuba., Cuba;

UNAMUP Union Nacional De Mujeres Panameñas, Panama;

UPEC Unión De Periodistas De Cuba, Cuba;

UPMP Unión Popular De Mujeres Peruanas, Perú;

URUSVATI Humanitarian-Charitable Society Light of The Morning Star – URUVASTI, Russia;

UST-BR União Sindical Dos Trabalhadores, Brazil;

UUCMI Ukrainian Union Of Cuban Military Internationalists, Ukraine;

VACAWP Vincentian Association Of Artists Writers And Producers;

VPDF Vietnam Peace and Development Foundation, Vietnam;

WFC Women For Change, Zambia;

WFTU World Federation of Trade Unions;

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